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Penis enlargement hand techniques

Hand techniques do work, results take time but the gains can be very impressive.

Hand techniques are generally not as effective as penis extenders, but are obviously free.

The problem with hand techniques is that is is hard to sustain the stretches for long periods of time. Extenders eliminate that problem by gently stretching for you.

Some extenders can be worn discreetly under your clothes enabling you to stretch all day long.

Hand techniques include the Jelq, the power stretch and the power jelq

The jelq (jelqing) is done by making the "ok" sign with your hand and forcing the blood from the base of your penis to the tip and holding it there for a few seconds - then repeat again and again....

The power stretch is basically holding your penis with the "ok" sign and gently pulling to stretch the penis.
As the hours of stretching add up, so will the size of your penis.

Extenders make it easy for you to power stretch all day long as they can be worn under your clothes discreetly.

Some men even go to sleep with their extenders on and get a huge 8 hour stretch in every night.




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